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Robert Milton STRIEBY (Alldean Wright, Elmer Ellsworth, Andrew, William, John, Hans Michael) was born on 24 JUN 1919 in Goshen, Indiana.

R. M. Strieby attended Purdue University 1937-1940. In World War II, he was stationed at Barber's Point in Hawaii. During the time he has been in the employ of the of the U. S. Industries, the family has lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pompano Beach, Florida, Santa Barbara, California, Silver Spring, Maryland, and in 1967 Battle Creek, Michigan. He had multipple hobbies, the chief of which were hunting, gun smithing, and outdoor sports of all kinds, including sailing a 28-foot "Serendipity." "Robin" and "Scotty" Strieby are now having fun building ice boats and hydroplanes but remember with nostalgia their experiences going through the Everglades in an air boat and riding horseback in the mountains overlooking the Pacific.

Robert's first two sons, William Hadley and Paul Alan, were adopted by Hyla's second husband.

Robert married (1) Hyla Jane HADLEY on 29 MAY 1940 in Carrollton, Kentucky. The marriage ended in divorce. Hyla was born on 30 SEP 1919 in Morgan Co, Indiana.

They had the following children:

  M i William Hadley BANKER was born on 28 SEP 1946 in Morgan Co, Indiana.
  M ii Paul Alan BANKER was born on 13 DEC 1947 in Morgan Co, Indiana.

Robert also married (2) Juul CABONARGI, daughter of Joseph CABONARGI and Lillian ROSINE, on 8 MAY 1950 in Highland Park, Illinois. Juul was born on 30 SEP 1925 in Highland Park, Illinois.

They had the following children:

  M iii Robert Milton STRIEBY was born on 14 JAN 1952 in Morgan Co, Indiana.
  M iv Scott Justin STRIEBY was born on 8 JAN 1955 in Morgan Co, Indiana.
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