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Catharina STRIEBY (Hans Michael) was born on 11 JUL 1783 in Strieby Town, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania and was christened on 3 AUG 1783 in Jordan Reformed Congregation, South Whitehall Twp.

Catherina Strieby was the youngest child of Hans Michael and Barbara Strieby and was only six years old when her father died in May 1790. On June 21, 1791 her oldest brother, Jacob, requested the appointment of a guardian for her. The court appointed Peter Bechler of Whitehall Twp who was also guardian for her brother Adam. Catherina's sponsors at baptism were Jacob Gut and Catherina (Jordan Reformed Church, Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania, p. 14). She is probably the Catherina Strieby, sponsor at baptism of Aaron Kohler, 1809, records of Egypt Reformed Church, Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania, 1734-1834 (Pa Archives 6:72).

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