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Welcome to the Strieby Genealogy and History Homepage. This site is dedicated to researching the descendants of Hans Michael Strieby, who was born 1726 in Palatinate, Germany and emigrated to America in 1743.

Strieby Coat of Arms from "Strieby Genealogy and History", B. B. Strieby, 1967

Hans Michael's descendants number in the thousands and are spread across the United States. A variety of permutations of the Strieby name emerged out of the early years including Streby, Streeby, Streepey, Streepy, Streevey, Streevy, Strevey and Strevy. The name Strieby itself is a permutation, the anglicized spelling of the German name Striebig.

Much of the information presented in these pages was first published in a book by Byard B. Strieby, B. Beatrice Strieby and Irene M. Strieby in 1967 and later in a supplement by the same compilers in 1969.

Many researchers contributed to the original compilation, and indeed many more have contributed since then. As far as is known, this site is the most current and comprehensive documentation of Hans Michael Strieby's descendants.

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