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Leonard STRIEBY (Hans Michael) was born about 1759 in Strieby Town, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania. He died in 1829 in Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania.

Leonard was living in Whitehall Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania in 1801 according to the 1800 census. Two girls ages 0 to 10, and another female, presumably his eldest daughter Sally, age 16 to 26, were living with him. Notably, neither his first wife nor either of his sons were mentioned. In 1804 Leonard married a second time to Elisabeth Heverly. Leonard and his family moved to Ohio in 1805 intending to make the "west" his home. While there, Isaac, his first son by Elisabeth, was born. They remained in Ohio about one year, then returned to Lehigh County. Meanwhile, Leonard's father-in-law, Daniel Heverly, had successfully established a 640 acre settlement in Overton, Bradford County. In 1820 Leonard once again gathered his family and relocated near the Heverly settlement, though not all of Leonard's children had come to the township with him. Depending on the account, Leonard was either the second or third settler to locate in Overton.

C.F. Heverly's "History of Overton, 1810 - 1910" states "...he (Leonard) located on land adjoining his father-in-law’s tract and made an improvement of about fourteen acres. His log house, with its huge stone chimney on the outside, stood in front of the present residence of Daniel Heverly, on lands of now his grandson, Edward Streevy, near the public highway."

In 1827 Elisabeth died giving birth to their daughter Louise. The next year Leonard sold his farm to his son Isaac and returned to Lehigh county, where he died in 1829. His two sons Isaac and John remained in Overton and the other children returned with their father to Lehigh Co.

C.F. Heverly's "History of Overton" says "Mr. Streevy had a great pride in his bees, and kept a number of skips. He was undoubtedly the first to introduce this industry into Overton. Isaac inherited his father’s fondness in this direction, and for years was known as 'the greatest bee man in all the country round.'"

By his first marriage, he had the following children:

  M i Thomas STREBY was born about 1780.
  F ii Sally STREBY was born about 1782.
      Sally married James SNITEMAN.

James and Sally Strieby Sniteman lived in Overton Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania in 1841, and in 1843 moved to Muncy.
  M iii

George STREBY was born in 1793 in Richland Co, Ohio.

George Streby's "History of Sullivan County, Penn" indicates that George lived on a farm near Philadelphia in 1840 and a few years later moved to Philadelphia where he engaged in the mercantile business. The source of this is unknown.

+ F iv Maria STREBY.

Leonard also married (2) Elisabeth HEVERLY, daughter of Daniel HEVERLY and Catherine OTT, on 9 DEC 1804. Elisabeth was born on 4 MAR 1786 in Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania. She died on 21 JUN 1827 in Overton Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Overton.

They had the following children:

+ M v Isaac STREBY was born on 30 AUG 1805 and died on 24 SEP 1880.
  F vi Elizabeth STREBY.

Elizabeth died at the age of 15, unmarried.
  F vii Nancy STREBY.
      Nancy married EBAUGH.
+ F viii Susan STREBY.
+ M ix John STREVY was born on 27 MAR 1814 and died in DEC 1881.
  F x Lydia STREBY.
      Lydia married Joel MILLER.
  F xi Catherine STREBY.
+ M xii Jacob STREVY was born in 1820 and died on 21 APR 1895.
  F xiii Hannah STREBY.

Hannah never married. She died in a Baptist home in Philadelphia.
  F xiv Shubine STRIEBY.
      Shubine married GUYCORIS.
  F xv Louise STREBY was born on 21 JUN 1827.
      Louise married William KIRKPATRICK. William was born in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
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