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Isaac STREBY "Ike" (Leonard, Hans Michael) was born on 30 AUG 1805 in Ohio and was christened on 16 SEP 1806. He died on 24 SEP 1880 in Overton Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania and was buried in Overton Reformed Cemetery.

Isaac was born in Ohio in August 1805, where his parents had moved the previous year. They remained in Ohio for another year and then returned to Lehigh county. Isaac's sponsors at baptism were Jacob and Elizabeth Heberle. In 1820, Isaac's father Leonard moved his family to Overton township, Bradford county, being the second settler in the township. In 1828, one year after the death of his mother, his father sold him the farm and returned to Lehigh county, taking Jacob and his daughters with him. His brother John remained in Overton, Jacob later returning to Overton and then moving to Colfax, Washington.

According to C.F. Heverly, "Isaac Streevy having purchased his father’s farm, remained in the township and boarded with his uncle, Daniel Heverly, and "Grandfather Heverly," until 1830, when he was married to Miss Betsy, daughter of Christian Ruth, and moved into the log house, which his father had vacated. Here he lived for ten years, then erected a plank house, which stood nearly opposite the present residence of his son, Edward, and here resided until he built his new house.

"'Uncle Ike,' as everybody called him, in beginning the scrabble of life for himself, set assiduously at work in clearing away the heavy timbers and preparing the soil for seed. His young and ambitious wife, who was blessed with the excellent physique, lent her willing hand in helping him log, pick and burn brush, frequently after night, reap grain, stack grain, make hay, etc. He cleared up his entire farm, which is now one of the most improved in the town, and spent his closing years in peace and plenty.

"Mr. Streevy was a successful hunter and took great delight in reciting his 'deer stories.' However, he never wasted his time in the woods, only using his gun as necessity demanded to put in a supply of venison or a stock of peltry. He took great pride in keeping bees, and frequently had as many as seventy-five skips. He would do anything with them with uncovered hands and face without being stung, and was regarded as "a real bee-charmer." Many will long remember the "sweetness" that "Uncle Ike" used to furnish the young people, and 'Aunt Betsy’s' wholesome bread and honey. For a number of years he manufactured cider for the people. He had a sweep-power and a beam-press. During the cider-making season his press was frequented by the boys of the neighborhood, whose wants were satisfied gratuitously.

"Mr. Streevy was an honest man, careful in his business affairs. He did not envy his neighbor, but sought his friendship, and was glad to have him enjoy his hospitality. He delighted in reciting facts connected with his own life, and when a little animated made frequent use of the term, 'By-gollers.'

"(Betsy Ruth Streevy) remained a maiden lady, until she came to Overton to visit her sister, Mrs. Jacob Hottenstein. Becoming acquainted with Isaac Streevy, a courtship followed and in the early spring of 1830 they were married – theirs being the second wedding in the Heverly settlement. Beginning life, in the days of privation and struggle, not only was this good woman ever ready to assist her husband, but her usefulness extended to the whole community. In sickness she was always ready to give her gentle hand to the care of the afflicted, and anything that she could do to better their feelings was not withheld. She never did anything in word or deed to incur the displeasure of her neighbors, and all enjoyed her company and hospitality. "Aunt Betsy’s" garden, like her sister’s (Mrs. Hottenstein) was a model, and her flower beds were much admired. Early in life she joined the German Reformed church, in which she ever remained a devoted and consistent member. Of the original German Reformed class in Overton, she was the last survivor. The last eighteen years of her life were pitiful, indeed, she being totally blind. But her affliction was patiently and uncomplainingly borne, death coming peacefully on August 10, 1886, and ending all her sufferings."

Besides their own family, they also reared Isaac's youngest sister, Louise, bringing the young girl back with them from Lehigh county in 1830 a year after the death of Leonard. The farm was later owned by Edward Strevy and included the cemetery and lot of the Overton Reformed Church, the land being given to the church by Isaac Streby.

Ike married Elizabeth RUTH, daughter of Christian RUTH Jr and Rowena WOLVERT, in APR 1830 in Overton Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was born on 24 JUL 1800 in Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania. She died on 10 AUG 1886 in Overton Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania and was buried in Overton Reformed Cemetery.

They had the following children:

+ M i Thomas STREBY was born on 2 JAN 1831 and died on 8 DEC 1907.
+ F ii Phian STREBY was born on 2 MAR 1833 and died on 2 MAY 1862.
+ M iii John STREBY was born on 7 JAN 1836 and died on 15 MAY 1913.
+ M iv Edward STREBY was born on 15 OCT 1840 and died on 15 MAY 1918.
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