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Maria STREBY "Polly" (Leonard, Hans Michael).

Maria Streby, daughter of Leonard Streby, married George Luckenback, son of John David and Elizabeth (Cowell) Luckenback. George was the second oldest son of the family of 10 children. The second youngest son was Thomas David, father of Samuel David Luckenback, whose daughter Martha O Luckenback provided the information for this family. George and Polly (Streby) Luckenback lived near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

By C.F. Heverly's account, "Mary, or 'Polly' Streevy, as she was commonly known, ... was a lady kind in sickness, and greatly enjoyed the association of friends."

Polly married George LUCKENBACK, son of John David LUCKENBACK and Elizabeth COWELL. George was born on 8 JUN 1806. He died on 4 NOV 1878.

They had the following children:

  M ii Edwin R LUCKENBACK died on 21 AUG 1844.
  M iii Julius B LUCKENBACK.
  F iv Marietta LUCKENBACK died on 12 OCT 1844.
  M v George H LUCKENBACK.
  F vi Marie A LUCKENBACK.
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