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Johann Georg STRIEBY (Hans Michael) was born on 26 APR 1770 in Strieby Town, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania and was christened on 6 JUN 1770.

Johann Georg's sponsors at baptism were John George Jung, pastor, and Appolonia Bahr (Jordan Lutheran Church Records, Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania, p. 59). Johann Georg is known to have been in Northampton Co and purchased an item for one shilling and one pence as shown in the settlement of his father's estate on September 13, 1791. This record indicates he followed the German custom of using his middle name.

Records from the Nockamixon Reformed Church, Nockamixon Twp, Pennsylvania, p. 25, place George Strieby and wife Elizabeth in that township in 1796 where they had a daughter Anna Sarah, b. July 30, 1796, baptized September 4, 1796. George's brother Michael also lived in Nockamixon at that time. George Strieby is believed to have moved to Greersburg, now Darlington, Beaver Co in western Pennsylvania about 1802 when his brother Michael relocated there. There they engaged in the trade of clockmaking and possibly silversmithing and watch repair. How closely the brothers worked together or whether they were actually business partners is unknown. It is likely that George, being much younger, may have worked or possibly apprenticed in the shop of Michael.

Bausmann's History of Beaver County also mentions a Jacob Strieby as a clockmaker at the outset of the founding of Greersburg. The exact identity of Jacob and relationship to Michael and George, if any, is to this day unknown.

In 1804 George and wife Elizabeth bought land in Fayette Co, Pennsylvania, and apparently lived there until 1811, when they bought land in Clark Co, Indiana and moved there. By 1815 he relocated to Charleston, also Clark Co, Indiana where he opened a silversmith and clock shop. In 1819 an apprentice named Asa Washburn was working with George and a biographical note some years later recounts the melting down of old copper stills by Washburn and Streepey in order to make brass for their clock movements.

A number of variations of the name are noted, notably Strieby, Strebe, and Strepey. It appears that George finally settled on the spelling Streepey.

Late in the year 1823 or perhaps early in 1824 George Streepey moved his family and business to Salem, the county seat of Washington Co, Indiana. Both George and Elizabeth were living in 1840, though it appears that his son Michael had assumed operation of the business. It is likely that George had died by the year 1847, though no record has been found to verify this.

A number of fine clocks by George Streepey have survived, including ones probably dating from his Fayette Co, Pennsylvania period. Others built in Indiana also exist. Pictures and information on these clocks can be found in the book "Indiana Silversmiths, Clockmakers & Watchmakers 1779-1900" by Jerome Redfearn. Also filed in that reference is other correspondence regarding various clocks and a description of one of the "George Striepy" clocks written by Eric Chandlee Wilson, a restorer of fine American tall clocks.

Johann married Elizabeth MCCARTY, daughter of Nicholas MCCARTY and Albertine KOHL, on 26 JAN 1796 in St Pauls Reformed Church, Goshenhoppen, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was born on 22 DEC 1771 in Goshenhoppen, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Sarah STREEPEY was born on 30 JUL 1796 in Northampton Co, Pennsylvania and was christened on 4 SEP 1796 in Nockamixon Reformed Church, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania.
      Anna married Absolom HARTLEY on 25 JUN 1818 in Clark Co, Indiana.
  F ii Mary STREEBE was born on 20 MAY 1799 in Goshenhoppen, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania and was christened on 20 MAY 1799 in St Pauls Reformed Church, Goshenhoppen, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania.
      Mary married John HARRIS on 26 MAY 1822 in Clark Co, Indiana.
+ M iii Edward C STREEPY was born on 13 APR 1801 and died on 15 JUN 1895.
+ M iv Michael STREEPEY was born on 2 DEC 1805 and died in JUN 1890.
  M v George STREEPEY was born about 1810.
      George married Dorcas SILES on 12 AUG 1838 in Washington Co, Indiana.
  F vi Hannah STREEPEY.
      Hannah married James M TOWE on 15 OCT 1837 in Washington Co, Indiana.
  F vii Elizabeth STREEPEY.
      Elizabeth married James L HARRIS on 16 NOV 1826 in Washington Co, Indiana.
  F viii Susan Ann STREEPEY.
      Susan married Jesse S TOWE on 2 OCT 1836 in Washington Co, Indiana.
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