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John STREVY (Leonard, Hans Michael) was born on 27 MAR 1814 in Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania. He died in DEC 1881 in Overton Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania and was buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Overton Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania.

By C.F. Heverly's account, "John Streevy... remained with his grandfather Heverly, upon the return of his father to Lehigh county. After the marriage of his brother, Isaac, he made his home with him until 1833, when he married Mary Staley, and soon thereafter began improvements and erected a log house on the Reuben Musselman farm. After a few years he sold his improvements to Cornelius Maloney, and moved to the place now occupied by Joseph Dieffenbaugh, and there resided until the time of his death- December 31, 1881. For many years, Mr. Streevy worked at the trade of carpenter-and-joiner, and acquired proficiency in the use of tools. He was a natural mechanic and worked his own way up without an instructor. He had no knowledge of mathematics, and it seemed very remarkable that he should be able from his square to determine the exact length of a brace or rafter. Several of the houses and barns yet standing in Overton were built by him.

"Uncle John," as he was familiarly known, was the violinist of earlier days and furnished music for the young people at their parties. He was a quiet, well-disposed man, much esteemed by his neighbors."

John married Mary STALEY in 1833. Mary was born on 18 OCT 1813. She died on 16 DEC 1855 and was buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Overton.

They had the following children:

+ M i Alfred STREEVY was born on 12 APR 1837 and died on 15 MAY 1892.
+ M ii Wilson STREEVY died on 3 DEC 1895.
  M iii Henry STREEVY died on 3 MAY 1863.

Henry was killed in the battle of Chancellorsville, age 19 years. He was unmarried.
  M iv William STREEVY.

William was a veteran of the Civil War. He married and lived in Iowa.
+ M v Charles STREEVY was born on 27 NOV 1847 and died on 14 SEP 1907.
  F vi Elizabeth STREEVY.
      Elizabeth married George ESSENWINE. George was born in Towanda, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania.
  F vii Mary Ann STREEVY.

Mary Ann died unmarried.
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