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William STRIEBY (John, Hans Michael) was born on 23 MAR 1811 in Northampton Co, Pennsylvania. He died on 14 DEC 1900 in Syracuse, Kosciusko Co, Indiana and was buried in Zion Union Cemetery, Kosciusko Co, Indiana.

Adapted from a sketch in "Biographical and Historical Record of Kosciusko", Lewis Publishing Co, 1887 and supplemented by family data:

William Strieby, farmer, resided on Section 29, Turkey Creek Twp, where he owned 240 acres of land. He was born in Pennsylvania, March 23, 1811. The following June his parents moved to Lawrence Twp, Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, where he resided until his marriage. He was the son of John and Maria (Richel) Strieby, both being born, reared, and married in Pennsylvania. The father died in Tuscarawas Co in 1841, aged about 68 years and the mother died in 1829, aged 53 years. William never saw his grandparents; they died before his remembrance. Mr. Strieby was married December 28, 1830 to Elizabeth Stiffler who was born in Bedford Co, Pennsylvania, March 17, 1814, the daughter of Conrad Stiffler and Rachel Fetters. The former, age 63, was living with the Strieby family in 1850, his wife evidently preceeding him in death. There were several other children od Conrad living nearby; he died in 1872, just past 80 years of age.

Mr. and Mrs. Strieby lived in Tuscarawas Co until their three oldest children were born, then came to this county in 1836. Through the La Porte Land Office Mr. Strieby purchased first 80 acres in Van Buren Township and lived there until he bought from his parents, making the round trip to and from Ohio on foot, on March 6, 1837 (recorded in Deed Bk A). When they removed to this county they came with two yokes of oxen and covered wagon, two milch cows, two yearling heifers and enough money to pay for their first purchase. Their first shelter was a round log cabin which burned but was soon replaced -- the house was still in use afterward but had undergone some remodelling. Their neighbors were scarce but venison for was plenty. Mrs. Strieby frequently went with her husband to hunt and they sold the venison for three cents a pound. The family once lived for forty days on it, together with potatoes and pumpkins. One can imagine their great delight in finding a bee tree and quart of wild peas.

Mrs. Strieby was a true helpmate during these pioneer days. She assisted in clearing many acres of land, cutting the saplings and smaller trees, piling the brush and burning it while her husband cut the larger trees. During the first and second summers, all had fever and ague. In the fall of 1837 they became greatly discouraged and concluded it was best to return to Ohio. Mr. Strieby went to the prairie to find a purchaser, and found one who promised to come in a day or so to buy the farm. In the meantime Mrs. Strieby thought it over and came to the decision they should stay in Indiana so they did not make the change. Mrs. Strieby spun and wove wolen yarn and flax, so for many years they made their own clothing. They used to dig ginseng and herbs when not overcrowded with work, since these were cash items. One day she and her hired girl dug lady slipper roots which they sold for $46. The first wheat Mr. Strieby sold was hauled by ox team to Michigan City in 1840 and sold for 62 1/2 cents per bushel. The next year he took a load he also 260 pounds of butter which he sold for 12 1/2 cents per pound. Mrs. Strieby regularly walked a distance of eight miles to Milford to buy supplies.

William and Elizabeth celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on the 28th of December, 1880; it was one of the coldest days of the season but there wewe seventy-four persons there, both young and old. The parents gave each of their children a sizable sum with which to begin their married life. When Elizabeth's death came in 1895, the Syracuse Register reported she had twelve children (one son and two daughters dead), 52 grandchildrenm 64 greatgrandchildren, and 2 great-greatgrandsons. William had made his will on July 31, 1886 (Will Bk 6:68) naming his wife Elizabeth, and setting forth the sums advanced to the children. Since Elizabeth preceeded him in death, his daughter Minerva cared for her father. William died December 22, 1900 and his will was probated January 10, 1901. The various papers on file in connection with the estate settlement contain the names of many heirs not named in the original intrustment. But from these lists of names and receipts it has been possible to learn the names of some of the grandchildren who otherwise would not have been known. William and Elizabeth are buried in the Union Cemetery, often referred to as the Strieby Cemetery and so called by the DAR members who copied the tombstone inscriptions in 1930.

William married Elizabeth STIFFLER, daughter of Conrad STIFFLER and Rachel FETTERS, on 28 DEC 1830 in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio. Elizabeth was born on 17 MAR 1814 in Bedford Co, Pennsylvania. She died on 8 AUG 1895 in Syracuse, Kosciusko Co, Indiana and was buried in Zion Union Cemetery, Kosciusko Co, Indiana.

They had the following children:

+ M i Henry STRIEBY was born on 4 JAN 1832 and died on 28 AUG 1918.
+ F ii Anna STRIEBY was born on 26 OCT 1833 and died on 19 SEP 1859.
+ M iii Andrew STRIEBY was born on 29 SEP 1835 and died on 13 MAY 1919.
+ M iv William J STRIEBY was born on 24 JAN 1838 and died on 6 FEB 1879.
+ M v Joel STRIEBY was born in 1840 and died in 1925.
+ F vi Elizabeth STRIEBY was born on 28 FEB 1842 and died on 29 MAR 1915.
+ M vii John B STRIEBY was born on 24 FEB 1844 and died on 4 OCT 1901.
+ M viii Conrad STRIEBY was born on 28 JAN 1846 and died on 9 JUN 1901.
+ F ix Sarah STRIEBY was born about 1848 and died on 4 FEB 1885.
+ M x Alfred STRIEBY was born in 1849 and died on 24 NOV 1918.
+ F xi Minerva STRIEBY was born on 14 JUN 1858 and died on 12 SEP 1911.
+ F xii Barbara STRIEBY was born in 1860.
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