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William STRIEBY (Michael Epaphroditus, Christopher Harper, Michael, Hans Michael) was born on 12 AUG 1852 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He died on 18 OCT 1920 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

William Strieby, son of Rev. Michael and Ellen (Griswold) Strieby, married Anna Breath, daughter of Dr. Edwin and Sarah Ann (Young) Breath. In 1875 he received an A. B. degree from New York University; 1878 a B. S. degree from Columbia University School of Mines; in 1879, A. M. with honors; and oin 1913 received the Hon Sc. D. at Colorado College. Upon graduation from Columbia University, he was hired by Colorado College to establish and teach a "feeder" high school at Sante Fe, New mexico. This he did and due to lack of funds he largely supported it by assaying and consulting for local mining enterprises. In 1880 he was sent to Colorado Springs to establish and head a Dept. of Chemistry and Metalurgy. This was very well attended and proved of great value to the college during the gold rush of the 1880's and 1890's. He died "in harness" at this same work in 1920. As a citizen he did much for the city in planning an adequate water system for drinking as well as irrigation supplies, with public lectures, reports of preshitoric fossils, etc. His name was listed in the Who's Who in America. He also was a candy maker and brought this skill into his chemistry classes just before Christmas each year. He not only demonstrated how to make most of the better candies, but also made some 400 pounds to give some to all of his students. Mr. and Mrs. Strieby were both cremated and their ashes scattered, therefore there is on burial plot. Mrs. Strieby's father, Dr. Edwin Breath (1807-1861) was a Congregational missionary in Oroomiah, Persia where his children were born. He died there of Cholera or "Black Plague" Nov 18, 1861. Mrs. Strieby's mother, Sarah Ann (Young) Breath, brought her two children, Anna and Edward Breath back to Newark where they lived before their marriages. Mrs. Breath died at Colorado Springs, Colorado, December 6, 1894.

William married Anna BREATH, daughter of Dr. Edwin BREATH and Sarah Ann YOUNG. Anna was born on 8 JUL 1850 in Oroomiah, Persia. She died on 7 OCT 1933.

They had the following children:

+ F i Helen Griswold STRIEBY was born on 10 JAN 1887.
+ M ii Maurice Edward STRIEBY was born on 2 MAY 1893 and died in JAN 1975.
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