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Michael Epaphroditus STRIEBY (Christopher Harper, Michael, Hans Michael) was born on 26 SEP 1815 in Columbiana Co, Ohio. He died on 16 MAR 1899 in Newark, New Jersey.

Michael E Strieby, son of Christopher H and Elizabeth (Punghes) Strieby, married Ellen Frances Griswold. He graduated at Oberlin in 1838 and attended Oberlin Theological Seminary until 1841. He was a pastor of the Free Presbyterian Church, was Corresponding Secretary for the American Missionary Association at Newark, New Jersey. In 1874 he received his D. D. degree from Dartmouth College.

Michael married Ellen Frances GRISWOLD on 7 NOV 1842 in Gustavus, Ohio. Ellen was born on 15 DEC 1819 in Gustavus, Ohio. She died on 7 JAN 1892.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Martin STRIEBY was born on 12 MAY 1844 in Wooster, Ohio. He died on 10 APR 1892 in Newark, New Jersey.

Henry and Ellen had no children.
      Henry married Ellen Howard FOOTE "Nellie" in Newark, New Jersey. Nellie was born in 1860.
  F ii Cornelia Elizabeth STRIEBY was born on 5 DEC 1845 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. She died in 1920.

Cornelia and Julius had no children.
      Cornelia married Julius Merrill FOOTE in Newark, New Jersey. Julius died in 1919.
  M iii Francis Harper STRIEBY was born on 27 DEC 1842 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He died on 18 FEB 1912 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Francis never married.
  F iv Mary STRIEBY was born on 24 FEB 1850 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. She died on 26 MAR 1896 in Newark, New Jersey.

Mary was a school teacher and never married.
+ M v William STRIEBY was born on 12 AUG 1852 and died on 18 OCT 1920.
  M vi Edwin Griswold STRIEBY was born on 14 JUL 1855 in Syracuse, New York. He died on 24 OCT 1855.
  M vii George Howard STRIEBY was born on 26 AUG 1857 in Syracuse, New York. He died in 1920 in Perth, Australia.
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