1726 - 2005
The Immigrant
Jacob's ancestral line
Paul's ancestral line
Michael's ancestral line
Leonard's ancestral line
Sarah's ancestral line
Anna Catharina's ancestral line
Elizabeth's ancestral line
Johann Georg's ancestral line
Susannah's ancestral line
John's ancestral line
Adam's ancestral line
Catharina's ancestral line
Descendancy chart

1. Hans Michael Strieby (b.1726; d.1790)
  sp: Barbara (b.1729; d.1790)
2. Jacob Strieby (b.1754; d.1807) [Expand line]
2. Paul Strieby (b.1753;d.1829) [Expand line]
2. Michael Strieby (b.1757; d.1830) [Expand line]
2. Leonard Strieby (b.1759; d.1829) [Expand line]
2. Sarah Strieby (b.1760; d.1849) [Condense line]
  sp: Heinrich FISHER (b.1755; m.1778; d.1814)
3. Anna Catharina FISHER (b.1779)
3. Magdalena FISHER (b.1782)
3. Sara FISHER (b.1782)
3. Elisabeth FISHER (b.1784)
3. Johannes FISHER (b.1796; d.1820)
3. Heinrich FISHER (b.1798; d.1819)
3. Jacob FISHER (b.1801)
3. Sabina FISHER (b.1804; d.1886)
2. Anna Catharina Strieby (b.1763)
2. Elizabeth Strieby (b.1765)
  sp: John UNRUE
2. Johann Georg Strieby (b.1770) [Expand line]
2. Susannah Strieby (b.1772; d.1854) [Expand line]
2. John Strieby (b.1773; d.1841) [Expand line]
2. Adam Strieby (b.1780)
2. Catharina Strieby (b.1783)
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