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Robert Avery STRIEBY (Oscar Louis, Robert Maglasion, Christopher Henry, Samuel Henry, Michael, Hans Michael) was born on 16 DEC 1922 in Pueblo, Colorado. He died on 11 DEC 1994 in Lafayette, Boulder, Colorado.

Robert served in World War II as Marine Air Corp office. He also served in the Korean War, spent time in Palestine as a military observer, and was Navy and Marine Procurement officer with the office in Navy Building, Washington D. C. He resigned his commission as Major to go with the Kamman Aircraft Co. at Hartford, Connecticut and later at Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1967 he was director of sales for the Ball Research Lab at Boulder, Colorado.

Robert married Mary Jane PARLAPIANO on 5 AUG 1944 in Pueblo, Colorado. Mary was born on 21 FEB 1925 in Pueblo, Colorado.

They had the following children:

+ M i Robert Avery STRIEBY II was born on 29 MAY 1945 and died on 27 NOV 1997.
  M ii Samuel Louis STRIEBY was born on 18 JUL 1946. He died in APR 1947.
  F iii Jane Ann STRIEBY was born on 8 JUL 1949 in Quantico, Virginia.
  F iv Kathryn Elnor STRIEBY was born on 18 JUN 1955 in Hartford, Connecticut.
  M v James David STRIEBY was born on 12 DEC 1957 in Hartford, Connecticut.
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