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Embrey Sedam STRIEBY (William Joseph, Aaron Lewis, Joseph, Jacob, Jacob, Hans Michael) was born on 12 JUL 1922 in Olathe, Colorado.

Embrey was a veteran of World War II serving in the United States Coast Guard from July 30, 1942 to August 11, 1943. He had been active in Little League, coaching baseball and basketball. He has also been active in high school P. T. A. Embrey once wrote: "I vote at election time...go to church...do not frequent the taverns...bring my paycheck home and provide for my family. My daughter just asked for material for a new dress...I told her no...she will somehow work it out of me. We have a very nice home over our heads...the mortgage company owns more of it than I do. It is now furnished very attractively with wall to wall carpeting and early american furniture. I have been an automotive parts man for the past twenty years...see that my employer gets forty hours of work out of me...do not take time off and then sneak out and go fishing on his time. At the moment we are members of the so-called suburban life...we race the freeways to work then drive them again to get home at night. When we get home we can be sure of one thing, the idiot box (TV) is going full blast. At least one transistor radio is going, and our boy or one of the girls is on the phone. The supper is kinda getting scorched...either dad or mom is angry when they get home and supper is not ready (depends on who had the roughest time at work). This is the story of our life..." Mr. and Mrs. Strieby are of the Mormon faith. They and their family lived at Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

Embrey married Mary Ida FREDERICKS, daughter of Henry Fred FREDERICKS and Mary ATTRYDE, on 11 NOV 1945 in Laramie, Wyoming. Mary was born on 22 DEC 1924 in Laramie, Wyoming.

They had the following children:

  M i Kenneth Charles STRIEBY was born on 20 SEP 1946 in Laramie, Wyoming.
      Kenneth married Marjorie Shirl COGO, daughter of William E COGO and Evaleven Eve MCCLUSKEY, on 20 SEP 1968 in Seattle, Washington.
+ F ii Joan Rochelle STRIEBY was born on 13 JUN 1948.
  F iii Joyce LaDell STRIEBY was born on 29 SEP 1950 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
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