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Orland STRIEBY (Howard E, David, Michael, John, Hans Michael) was born on 28 MAR 1903 in Indiana. He died on 9 AUG 1968 in Veternans Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana and was buried in Union Cemetery, Kosciusko Co, Indiana.

Orland Strieby spent years as a practicing attorney in Florida. Cleo Alice Cory was the widow of Richard Mench at the time she married Orland. She had a daughter Dina Jane Mench, b. February 21, 1934, who married Gerald Hobartt of Syracuse. Orland and Cleo were divorced; he was living in Elkhart and she in Syracuse, Indiana in 1967.

Orland married Cleo Alice CORY, daughter of Chancy CORY and Alice J WYLAND, on 13 JUN 1942 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana. Cleo was born on 9 AUG 1911. She died on 7 DEC 1995 in Syracuse, Kosciusko Co, Indiana.

They had the following children:

  M i David Boyd STRIEBY was born on 24 MAR 1944 in Elkhart Co, Indiana.
      David married Johanna Martina DROPPERT, daughter of Herman DROPPERT and C P VAN DER COOG, on 24 AUG 1968 in Syracuse, Kosciusko Co, Indiana. Johanna was born on 8 MAY 1943 in Delft, Holland.
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