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Samuel Sedam STRIEBY (Aaron Lewis, Joseph, Jacob, Jacob, Hans Michael) was born on 31 JAN 1881 in Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania. He died on 9 FEB 1953 in Mankato, Kansas.

Sam was a plumber by trade. He and his family were members and very active in the United Presbyterian Church. After Mr. Strieby's death, Mrs. Strieby moved to Clinton, Missouri where she was living in 1967.

Samuel married Margaret Elizabeth THOMSON, daughter of William M THOMSON, on 11 OCT 1906 in Stanwood, Iowa. Margaret was born on 18 FEB 1877.

They had the following children:

+ M i La Rue Thomson STRIEBY was born on 22 JAN 1911 and died on 3 OCT 1989.
+ M ii Frances Le Roy STRIEBY was born on 22 JAN 1911 and died on 11 APR 2001.
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