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Fifth Generation

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Anna Mary Elizabeth STREBY (Thomas STREBY, Isaac STREBY, Leonard, Hans Michael) was born in AUG 1872 in Forks Twp, Sullivan Co, Pennsylvania. She died in Millview, Pennsylvania.

Anna married Herbert L MOLYNEUX, son of David MOLYNEUX and Hannah NORTON, in 1898. Herbert was born in Millview, Pennsylvania. He died in Millview, Pennsylvania.

They had the following children:

  F i Alice M MOLYNEUX was born on 11 FEB 1901 in Millview, Pennsylvania.
  M ii Carl D MOLYNEUX was born on 8 MAR 1904 in Millview, Pennsylvania.
  M iii Howard MOLYNEUX was born on 22 FEB 1908. He died on 19 MAR 1908.
  F iv Grace Agnes MOLYNEUX was born on 27 MAY 1909 in Millview, Pennsylvania.
  F v Helen MOLYNEUX was born on 12 JUL 1911 in Millview, Pennsylvania.
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