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William J STRIEBY (William, John, Hans Michael) was born on 24 JAN 1838 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana. He died on 6 FEB 1879 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.

William, known as "Red Bill" perhaps to distinguish him from a relative of the same name, applied for an invalid army pension on April 24, 1876, asserting that he was unable to carry on his former occupation of farming. His record shows he was enrolled at Fort Wayne, Indiana, September 24, 1861 in Company B, 30th Regiment and re-enlisted as a veteran volunteer, January 3, 1864 and was mustered out at Victory, Texas November 25, 1865 as a Corporal. He was twice hospitalized during his first period of service, once in Corinth, Mississippi and a second time in Evansville, Indiana. During his second period of service, he reported an injury at Pine Knob, Tennessee and an illness in Atlanta, Georgia. His widow, Mary E Strieby, made application for a pension (WC 192, 136) on April 1, 1879, giving her age as 39, stating she had not remarried and that there were no other marriages for her or her deceased husband. She presented the list of their children with birth dates, asserting they were the surviving children, all under age and that she was presently supporting them. Her mother-in-law, Elizabeth Strieby, and Margaret Strieby Wyland, a relative, supported her statements. Her death date was reported to the U. S. Pension Agent in Indianapolis. The children probably moved to another area after receiving their inheritance in 1901.

William married Mary E FOREDYCE, daughter of James J FOREDYCE and Margaret S BULL. Mary was born in 1840 in Ohio. She died on 10 OCT 1905.

They had the following children:

  M i William H STRIEBY was born in 1861 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana. He died before 1879 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.
  F ii Margaret Elizabeth STRIEBY was born on 21 DEC 1864 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.
      Margaret married David F M FENTON on 20 MAY 1880. David was born in 1865.
  M iii Ulysses Grant STRIEBY was born on 3 JUN 1869 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana. He died on 8 NOV 1900 in Whitley Co, Indiana.

Kosciusko Co birth records indicate a child was born in 1899. The name of this child, as well as of others, may be found at a later date and added to this family group.
      Ulysses married Nellie VAN TASSEL, daughter of Rufus VAN TASSEL and Lorinda SMITH.
  M iv Edward E STRIEBY was born on 30 SEP 1871 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.
      Edward married Lizzie DWYMER on 28 MAY 1901.
  F v Eliza Ann STRIEBY was born on 5 APR 1874 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.
      Eliza married (1) Schuyler C WOLFORD, son of Gideon WOLFORD and Lovey, on 22 SEP 1892. Schuyler was born about 1869 in Plain Twp, Kosciusko Co, Indiana. He died on 27 JAN 1903 in Warsaw, Indiana.
      Eliza also married (2) James MCENHANEY on 19 SEP 1903.
  F vi Viola STRIEBY "Myrtle" was born on 15 OCT 1876 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.
      Myrtle married Harvey E HOVER on 22 NOV 1896.
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