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Christopher Henry STRIEBY (Samuel Henry, Michael, Hans Michael) was born on 22 MAY 1836. He died in 1917.

Christopher Henry Strieby was a blacksmith by trade. He moved to Coincil Grove, Kansas in 1870. There he built a store and shop and served wagon trains on the Sante Fe Trail.

Christopher married Caroline E WRIGHT "Carry" in MAY 1856 in Council Grove, Kansas. Carry was born on 16 MAR 1849 in Oswego, New York. She died in 1891 in Council Grove, Kansas.

They had the following children:

  M i Samuel Henry STRIEBY was born on 27 JAN 1866 in Council Grove, Kansas. He died in 1948.
  M ii Charles STRIEBY was born on 28 NOV 1867. He died on 21 OCT 1871.
+ M iii Robert Maglasion STRIEBY was born on 9 APR 1869 and died in 1910.
  F iv Edna Rebecca STRIEBY was born on 1 JAN 1871 in Council Grove, Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Avery had no children.
      Edna married AVERY.
+ F v Ellen Eliza STRIEBY was born on 16 JAN 1877.
+ M vi Frank Mercer STRIEBY was born on 19 MAY 1878.
  F vii Alice Rathbun STRIEBY was born on 20 APR 1885 in Council Grove, Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith had no children.
      Alice married SMITH.
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