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Adaliza Susan STRIEBY (Jacob Aaron, Michael, Hans Michael) was born on 9 SEP 1829.

Adeliza Susan Strieby, daughter of Jacob Aaron and Sarah (Tidd) Strieby, married John M Warnock. Seven of their children died as infants, three boys lived to marry and have children.

Adaliza married John M WARNOCK. John was born on 1 JUN 1821.

They had the following children:

  M i James Scott WARNOCK was born on 21 MAR 1850.
  M ii H Franklin WARNOCK was born on 20 NOV 1854.
  M iii Charles S WARNOCK was born on 2 AUG 1857.
  M iv Albert WARNOCK was born on 20 MAY 1859.
  M v George WARNOCK was born on 20 MAY 1859.
  M vi John Byron WARNOCK was born on 18 SEP 1860.
  M vii Elliot Swift WARNOCK was born on 25 AUG 1861.
  M viii Samuel Smith WARNOCK was born on 17 JAN 1866.
  F ix Girl WARNOCK was born on 17 JAN 1866.
  M x John Dodridge WARNOCK was born on 4 FEB 1870.
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