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Michael STRIEBY (John, Hans Michael) was born in 1798 in Northampton Co, Pennsylvania. He died about 1860 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.

Michael Strieby, son of John and Anna Maria (Rishel) Strieby, married Catherine Mock (possibly daughter of George and Jane Mock). Michael was the oldest son of John and Maria Strieby and was undoubtedly named after his grandfather as was German custom. His marriage is not on record in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, but he is shown there as head of a household in 1830. The name of his wiife was obtained through the death record of his son, David, who died in 1908. Michael entered land through the La Porte Land Office in 1837 (Tract Bk, p. 95). He is shown in the 1840 census of Kosciusko Co with a large family of girls and boys and again in the 1850 census. It appears that there were at least nine living children at the time of Michael's estate distribution (Deed Bk 20:648), Lydia Ann Goble having died previous to June 12, 1861. Michael's age of 50-60 in the 1840 census is in error; the ages of both Michael and Catherine appear correctly in 1850. Several Mock families came to Kosciusko Co. George Mock, age 72, born in Pennsylvania, and Jane age 73, born in Maryland, were living with John Mock in 1850, two doors away from Michael and Catherine Strieby. A John and George Mock were Dunkards and early settlers in Lawrence Twp, Tuscarawas Co. No graves are found for Michael and Catherine in Kosciusko county nor is there a will on record. There is no index of early estate administrations and the record books were inaccessible for examination in 1967. Michael's name does not appear in the 1860 census whereas his wife Catherine is shown, age 61, living with her son David, but not in 1870. David was sued for medical services by David Miller on September 30, 1865 (p. 15 of J. P. record No. 3 of Syracuse, Indiana) so it is possible that Catherine died in that year.

Michael married Catherine MOCK about 1818 in Ohio. Catherine was born in 1799 in Pennsylvania. She died in 1865 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.

They had the following children:

+ F i Margaret STRIEBY was born in 1822 and died after 1880.
+ M ii John STRIEBY was born on 28 JAN 1824 and died on 22 OCT 1893.
  F iii Maria STRIEBY was born in 1828 in Ohio. She died before 1860.
  F iv Sarah A STRIEBY was born in 1829 in Ohio.
+ M v Daniel STRIEBY was born on 24 NOV 1830 and died on 20 JAN 1891.
+ M vi David STRIEBY was born on 1 JUN 1833 and died on 4 JUL 1908.
  F vii Lydia Ann STRIEBY was born in 1835 in Ohio. She died about 1856 in Kosciusko Co, Indiana.
  M viii Michael STRIEBY.
  M ix George STRIEBY.
  F x Catherine STRIEBY.
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